Phase 07: Gather & Analyze Supporting Evidence for Editing Decisions

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* Drupal Modules
* New Media Ecosystem
* Electronic Knowledge Repository

* Community of Practice
* Intelligence Analysis
* Knowledge Management

* Deception Detection Techniques
* Critical Thinking Skills
* Decision Making Transparency


* The documentary is primarily focused on how the media served as an uncritical Echo Chamber to the White House's public relations campaign to sell the war in Iraq to the American people. The concensus in Congress trumped International and domestic dissent. These are politically contentious statements. This phase is designed to aggregate and analyze the confirming and disconfirming evidence concerning the larger contentious political issues.


* Implement a normalized standard for analyzing facts, conclusions and subjective interpretations about politically contentious issues.
* Justify politically contentious editing decisions by making this decision-making process more transparent.
* Make all assumptions and information used to make conclusions more transparent.
* Implement a New Media Ecosystem of researchers and analysts within Drupal.
* Use intelligence analysis techniques to objectively aggregate, organize and analyze information.
* Use the scientific method via CIA analytical techniques to come closer to a normative standard for "truth" than the existing subjective nature of the blogosphere.
* Implement more sophisticated deception detection techniques into the process of journalism.
* Incorporate analytic insights from Intelligence Analysis, Knowledge Management, Communities of Practice into the journalistic process.

* "Knowledge Management Pyramid"

* Collecting & Organizing Data
* Summarizing & Analyzing Information
* Synthesizing Knowledge to Inform Decision Making

* Intelligence Cycle

* Gathering Data
* Processing Information
* Analysis & Evaluation
* Reporting
* Planning Action

What I have

* Database of links to pre-war news articles and transcripts of statements by government officials
* 45 interviews with journalists and other experts who provide hypotheses explaining the behavior of the media and the government.
* Preliminary Research and Development listed in the References below.

What I need

* Symbiotic relationships with other groups who are developing these techniques through open source solutions.
* An automated Drupal infrastructure that systematically implements these more sophisticated analytical techniques in an intuitive-enough manner to extract the wisdom of crowds.
* Logistical help with implementing a centralized New Media Ecosystem solution using Drupal modules.
* Feedback and best practice insights from practitioners of Intelligence Analysis, Knowledge Management, Communities of Practice, Electronic Knowledge Repositories.

Best practices for Intelligence Analysis:

* Psychology of Intelligence Analysis: Chapter 8: Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH)
* How ACH can be used as Analytical Techniques for Coordinating Decentralized Citizen Journalism
* The Mitre Corporation adds deception detection techniques to ACH.
* Some Australian researchers add Subjective Logic to ACH
* NATO Open Source Intelligence Handbook

Motivating Volunteers to Participate

* Why Should I Share? Examining Social Capital and Knowledge Contribution in Electronic Networks of Practice
* Contributing Knowledge to Electronic Repositories: An Empirical Investigation

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