Using Folksonomy to Edit Film

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I've been experimenting with folksonomy tags in Final Cut Pro to help edit a short video discussing how technology is changing politics, media and culture.

This is a proof-of-concept for my plan of importing tags into FCP that are provided by volunteers via a Drupal infrastructure -- the 42 hours of The Echo Chamber footage will be broken up into textual soundbites so volunteers can add tags in a manner.

I took the 2.25 hours of interviews with 13 leaders of the new media movement, and I boiled it down to around 45 minutes of quality sound bites.

I then dragged these sound bites from the Timeline back into the Browser so that I could add the metadata fields. I then tagged each sound bite in a manner that looks something like this:

This process helped me identify a number of reoccurring themes that I've describe in more detail here.

I'm continuing to experiment with editing a short piece together with the help of the tags, and so far it seems fairly promising.

There are some annoying workarounds such as having to reorder the "Find All" FCP metadata fields (i.e. "Log Note," "Label 2," etc.) whenever I shutdown FCP. And it's also annoying how the second audio track is dropped when moving from a Video/Audio clip from the Timeline window to the Browser Window back to the Timeline.

But it's been managable so far, and it should prove to be an interesting way to collect input from others.