Tasks for 6-2-05

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Here's what I have on my plate for today.

* Table of pictures from 13 Personal Democracy Forum interviews (DONE)
* How to do Podcast RSS enclosures in Drupal (DONE)
* Screenshots of the Drupal Folksonomy patch (Trouble Uploading Pix)
* Final Cut XML & Drupal

* Figure out the Image Module -- how to name image nodes something other than the title of a blog post. (DONE)
* Upload 13 Pictures of New Media Interviews from Personal Democracy Forum. (DONE)
* Make the Logo in the theme not look so barren (DONE)
* Start working with Taxonomy module
* Do a scan of past blog posts to find emergent themes and preliminary categories
* Figure out how Morbus Iff's Free-tagging folksonomy patch for the taxonomy module works at code0range.net. (DONE)
* Figure out how to implement Morbus Iff's patch for the taxonomy module.
* Start thinking about how to further specify Phase 01
* Figure out how to run Cron jobs

Do some Googling around to round up Jon Udell's screencasts into my del.icio.us account.