Technology Audio: Conversation with Sean Coon about The Echo Chamber Project

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Listen to a conversation that I had with Sean Coon, who is a web developer and consultant that got in touch with me after listening to a good number of my interview and community podcasts. We had an hour conversation talking about some of the trends in new media as well as where The Echo Chamber Project is headed.

Sean is very excited about the project from both a technological and political view, and so I look forward for having him get more involved as the project evolves. He also recently moved to Greensboro, North Carolina where the local newspaper has been actively involved in integrating blogging and citizen journalism into their local coverage -- listen to this interview with Lex Alexander for more details.

I should also note that there will be three main end products with the Echo Chamber Project:

[1] The 90-minute documentary that focuses on the media performance during the build-up to the war;
[2] An annotated multimedia experience of the entire archive of material that supplements the film and provides a proof of concept for how new media technologies can make the press more collaborative and inclusive of many different perspectives; and
[3] The open source tools and methodologies that were used to create the other two end products.

The majority of the interview audio that I've released so far has been focused on the second end product. These interviews are more solution-oriented and forward-looking, and the interviews average around 15 minutes each.

Soon I will also be releasing the audio from the interviews that focus on the preformance of the media leading up to the war in Iraq. These interviews illuminate the problems and limitations with the media, and average around 50 minutes each.

In this conversation with Sean, I mention a speech that former New York Times ombudsman Daniel Okrent gave where he mentions that the three biggest issues that people wrote in and complained about were: Accuracy, Bias and Arrogance. I talk about how collaborative media could potentially address each of these issues.


(Photo Credit: Miss_Rouge)