10 Effective Tips For Pest Control: How To Keep Home Pest And Critter Free

Pests are something that most people around the world dislike. Seeing a spider web or a cockroach roaming around the kitchen can ruin one’s day. Not only are they scary at times, but these critters and pests are a health hazard as well. Therefore, it is necessary to start the infestation at home as soon as possible. One can make home pest-free with simple and easy steps by oneself or call the pest and moth control services

Here are 10 effective ways to keep the home pest-free:-

  • Seal the gaps and holes 

One should always seal all the gaps and holes in the house. Pests and rodents tend to enter the house from small holes and gaps in the doorways, walls and windows, and even roofs. Check the gaps and seal them tightly. 

  • Humidify the basement

If one has basements, they know that basements are the perfect place for spiders and other rodents. One of the best ways to remove rodents and spiders is by humidifying the area and cleaning the space continuously for a few days. This will kill all the spiders and other critters, and then there will be no further infestation. 

  • Put a chimney cap

Chimneys are direct entryways for the critters and other rodents and insects. To make sure that nothing crawls down from the chimney. It is better to protect the passage by installing a chimney cap or screen. This will act as a barrier and will stop any pest from entering. 

  • Check the vents and crawl space

Suppose there is any crawl space or vents in the house. Then, they must sweep from time to time. Vents are a perfect place for rodents to live in. Make sure that the vents are clean. If there is any sign of rodents living there, call the exterminators to remove them. 

  • Keep the pet food closed

Pet food is another common reason why pests like ants and cockroaches roam around the house. If one has pets, make sure not to keep their food open in their bowl. Always remove the uneaten food and keep the water bowl clean. 

  • Trim and cut plants touching the walls

If plants are growing around the house, then trimming them from time to time is necessary. Keep checking the branches touching the wall, as they are a perfect bridge for the pests to climb the wall and reach the windows and vents. Keep the branches short and trimmed. 

  • Repair the meshes and screens on windows and doors

Over time, it is common for the meshes and screens on doors and windows to get torn and damaged. Meshes and screens’ objective is to stop insects and pests from entering the home. One can change the meshes and screens from time to time, especially before summers.

  • Wash and clean seasonal clothing

In households, specific clothing and garments for different seasons are taken out once a year. It is crucial to wash them before using them. Usually, the stored clothing can be a carrier of insects’ eggs, which can cause an infestation in the house. 

  • Keep essential oils handy

Essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, etc., effectively ward off a few types of insects and dust mites. Mix these oils and use a cotton ball to run them on areas that get dust mites. 

  • Use home remedies 

Lastly, one can use a plethora of home remedies easily found in one’s kitchen. Lemon juice, vinegar, peppermint, cornmeal, etc., are highly effective in warding ants. Apple cider vinegar is effective for fruit flies, onion is good at removing spiders, and coffee grounds effectively keep critters away. 

These small natural remedies and simple steps that one can take easily are effective in treating the pest issue at home.