4 Ways To Use A Virtual Mailbox For Your Professional Service!

Do you have a professional service business, such as a legal practice, that you run from your home? Although your house can serve as an office, there are still several business requirements to consider. The most important question is: how can you protect your company’s and client’s data?

It’s past time for you to consider using a virtual mailbox. “How is Virtual Mailbox Services Canada going to aid in the professional service business?” you might think. Continue reading to receive answers to all of your questions.

  • Secure Virtual Mailboxes

Virtual Mailbox Services Canada uses a secure mail-handling delivery method to ensure that your mail is not read by anyone other than you and that your mail and parcels are kept in secure locations. Virtual Post Mail (VPM) has round-the-clock surveillance monitoring, including security alarms and video systems, to protect all of your mail and shipments. In addition, the mail is kept in a secure area accessible only to authorized workers who have passed a background check.

When it comes to processing and delivering papers between you and your clients, the last thing you want to worry about is their being stolen, misplaced, or exposed. Furthermore, because Virtual post mail controls all of its sites, the danger of missing mail and delays is minimized because your mail and parcels do not pass through many third-party stops.

  • Virtual Mailboxes Add Another Layer Of Security To Your Data

You care about the security of your clients’ information and internal documents as a professional service. However, data and privacy protection matter most to you, from customer finances to corporate records. Your data must be saved, processed, encrypted, housed, and not shared. It’s also critical that all of your paperwork adhere to HIPAA regulations. So, how can you benefit from Virtual Mailbox Services Canada?

First, all of VPM’s web application communications are encrypted via a secure connection utilizing 256 bit SSL encryption, which is the same degree of encryption used by banks and financial institutions and cannot be accessed by a third party. Second, your billing information is communicated, stored, and processed following the PCI Data Security Standard, which requires all credit card transactions to be processed using secure encryption similar to that used by banks.

Second, VPM’s whole infrastructure is housed on Amazon Web Services, which complies with HIPAA requirements. This provides an additional layer of security for your data and clients.

  •  Save Time And Avoid Years Of Paper Storage By Going Digital

As an assistant, a virtual mailbox will help make your life easier by organizing your important documents through folders. In addition, you can set intelligent tags to get mail automated and filter out junk mail, so you only get the mail that matters.

A virtual mailbox keeps a digital copy of all of your critical mail. Your mail is immediately scanned as soon as it arrives, allowing you to see it on an electronic device, similar to email. You’ll never have to manually scan a piece of mail again.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, act quickly. You will be notified when new mail is received. In addition, time-sensitive notices, such as your client’s legal information or your professional service business compliance documentation, should never be overlooked.

The fact that all of your scanned mail will be keyword searchable is another time-saver for your professional service business. Everything you need will be available and easy to find because everything is in digital format. VPM employs search technology that scans your mail, saves it as a PDF, and makes your files searchable via keyword search, allowing you to save days searching for a document buried in your files from ten months ago with only a single phrase.

  • Maintain A Professional Business Image Even If You Operate Your Company From Home

When it comes to attracting and retaining clients, professionalism is essential. Your clients must feel comfortable entrusting you with their personal information, including tax returns, bank statements, addresses, and other personal and financial data. But how can you present yourself as a professional from the comfort of your own home? You don’t want any of your clients to know that you run your business out of your home. To project a professional business image, use a virtual mailbox.

You can get a physical street address tied to a business office building with a virtual mailbox. This will give your company a distinguished image since when people look for your office; they will find an office rather than your house, which is essential for getting clients. Consider how clients will decide whether or not they wish to pay for your services. They will cross you off their list of probable professional services to hire if they discover your home address listed as the location of operations for your law practice. That is a guarantee.