6 Rarest Items Found In the Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that has gained tremendous popularity in the past few years. People from all over the world play this game in their free time as it is a good source of entertainment for them. There are various features that are provided by this game. There are certain rarest items in the sigma Minecraft that a player has to earn.

These rarest items are a sign that how powerful a player is. Now we will discuss some these items:

  • Consult

This is the rare underwater implement that is helpful for a player who has submerged in the deep water entirely; this is the equipment that gives the ability to player to breathe in underwater. It creates protection for the player and also hurts the enemies that in its range for two hearts of damage every two seconds.

This is an item that is quite difficult for a player to acquire. Not only is this, even holding this item quite difficult. A player will mainly require eight nautilus shells that can mostly be found while fishing in the game.

  • Beacons

These are the brightest blocks that are quite rare to find in the game. They emit a light that points towards the sky. They act as one of the ways to find the house and also as a piece of decoration.

  • Enchanted weapons and armor 

Players should enchant the items and weapons using an enchanted book, an item that is created by a regular book into the enchanting table and infusing it with the effect.

  • Music disc

There are mainly 13 unique music discs that exist in the game Minecraft. If we talk about the tune and color of each disc, then they both differ on the basis of the disc that you select. The sounds of these discs differ from old sounds to the modern ones, and also, you will listen to jazz as one of the options. There exist a jukebox on which you can place these discs, and the music will be played.

  • Dragon egg

The players who start playing this game have an idea about this dragon egg. This is an egg that acts as a trophy for the first tie when the players play the game. The player has to defeat the ender dragon before the mineceaftia opens.

  • Banner pattern

Banner patterns are ancient items that serve a cosmetic purpose. The number of banners differs n the basis of the version you are selecting. If you are choosing the java version, then, in that case, it will have six banners, and in the bedrock edition, there are seven banners.

Each pattern is crafted by adding the paper with any of the items that are on the crafting table.

These are some of the different types of items that are rarest in sigma minecraft. The players have to earn this. If a player has any one of these, then the player feels motivated, as a result of which he can play the game in a better way.