A few tips for defeating the guardians in Minecraft

Minecraft is a video game that has an old-school theme. This game is designed in the java language, and you will find this game so much different from the other ones. In this game, you have to construct some kind of buildings and have to defeat the guardians and obstacles coming your way. You will find guardians in this game who are shaped like mobs with a furry coats on them. They are so much dangerous as they have a laser with them and they also have some special powers using which they can easily kill us. We have to save ourselves from them and have to clear the stage simultaneously.  

Defeating these guardians is not so easy, and you have to follow some tips for defeating them. You can find these tips on the internet, or sometimes you will get them with the game itself. There is armor present in the game which will help you to protect your character’s body from getting killed by the guardian. This has been found by the hypixel YouTubers that these armors are so protective and can save you several times from the attack of the guardians. Players should also use the respiration enchantment to save themselves from drowning underwater. Let’s discuss these tips in brief.

  • Use armors for protecting yourself 

In the game Minecraft, you are going to e offered some armor that can help you to protect yourself as we know that the guardians are so much power, and they have laser and other equipments with them to kill us. These armors will protect us from their attack, and we can easily defeat the guardians. However, you are going to get them at a certain level, or you have to buy them in the game itself. These are so much helpful, and you should upgrade them regularly.

  • Use respiration enchantment not getting drowned

You will be provided respiration enchantment in the game, which will help you in taking oxygen underwater. There are some missions in which you have to go underwater to find the mines, and some of the mine locations are placed near the ocean. You have to get to the location through the water, and at that time, respiration enchantment will help you. Plus, it will also save you from drowning when you will face the guardians under the water. So, it will work as protective gear for you. You should put it on your helmet as it is the most convenient place for getting its benefits.

  • Use an enchanted sword 

An enchanted sword is a must in this game. This will help you to kill the present guardians underwater. Your sword should be unbreakable and fully sharp. The sharpness of the sword decides the damage done by you to the guardians. The Unbreakable thing will make the sword strong, and it will last long, even underwater. However, killing the guardians is not so difficult, but you need to be get prepared for all this.

  • Employ potion of night vision 

The potion of night vision is a kind of feature which is given to you in the game. You have to use that for making your vision clear underwater in the situation of the dark. With the help of this, you can see the guardians easily at the time of night as well as it will brighten the water for you.


Minecraft game is based on an excellent concept, and it is also made up using the java language. These things make this game unique. Some of the tips for defeating the guardians effectively have been discussed above; go through them.