Bulking Up Workout Bodybuilding Techniques For Effective Muscle Growth

This article will explain how to break down your muscle tissue for the best chance of growth with effective bodybuilding techniques. And in the second article of this 2 part article, I will discuss what to eat to help your muscles grow.

The bulking up workout is more than just lifting heavyweights. There are certain methods used to achieve muscle tissue breakdown, also you need to read this Testoprime review so that you can find more about the necessary testosterone booster for your bodybuilding routine. You will have to split the cells of your muscles before they can grow. And the growth of the muscle happens when you rest and eat, which will be discussed in the next article.

Bulking Up Workout Techniques

The following paragraphs cover techniques used to break down muscle tissue to gain muscle mass.

Pyramid Technique For Your Bulking Up Workout

The first technique is called a Pyramid Technique. This technique requires you to start out with lighter weight and higher reps. Then, gradually increase the weight and lower the reps. An example of this technique looks something like this…

  • 1st set = 100lbs for 12 reps
  • 2nd set = 120lbs for 10 reps
  • 3rd set = 140lbs for 8 reps
  • 4th set = 160lbs for 6 reps
  • 5th set = 180lbs for 4 reps
  • 6th set = 200lbs for 2 reps.

This is a basic example of a pyramid technique. Of course, the weight and reps would be different according to the muscle group you are working with and your strength level. The idea is to increase the weight every week. So for this example, in the next week, you would start out with 110lbs for your 1st set and increase the weight 10lbs to 20lbs increments in each set.

Descending Sets For Your Bulking Up Workout

This technique is performed opposite of the pyramid technique. Instead of starting out with lightweight and increasing the poundage, you’ll start with heavyweight and decrease the weight once you can not perform any more reps for that set.

The weight you start with should be heavy enough to perform 6 to 8 reps. After you have gone to failure with that set, strip off 10 to 20 pounds and immediately continue to the next set. Continue stripping off the weight until your bar has no weight on it. This is a high-intensity technique that will have you both depleted of energy in your muscles and your lungs.

Quarter Reps For Your Bulking Up Workout

My favorite technique in breaking down muscle tissue for the bulking up workout is called Quarter Reps, also known as Burns. You can use this technique at the end of any routine you do to further break down the muscle tissue.

To perform this effective technique, you will perform a series of quarter reps, ¼ range of a normal rep in your last set. This will help in your bulking-up workout to push the muscle past the point of failure and totally deplete the muscle of energy.

Be careful you do not perform too many quarter reps or you could injure the muscle. A good indication to stop your quarter reps is when you feel a burning sensation in your muscles.