Cannabis Branding And Marketing Within Compliance

Canna Companion is a brand of cannabinoid-infused pet treats co-founded by a veterinarian, but Dr. Sarah Brandon was recently served a letter by the FDA that the marketing language on this product line is misleading.

You should know about the pros and con of Delta 8 carts while purchasing the cannabis products. The treatment of the pain and other health-related issues is possible for the individuals. The choosing of the products is with the intelligence to get the desired results on the health. 

There have not been any studies proving CBD helps dogs overcome pain or inflammation. Other companies that sell to humans have to be careful about what ailments their product says they address as well. But this is just one example of how it’s very important how a cannabis-based company brands and markets itself. Besides running aground federally, there are also state laws one must be in compliance with. For example, on February 1 a new law went into effect in Colorado that all edible products had to come in childproof packaging.

The industry wants to grow up. They know that enthusiasts come in all demographics and across the socio-economic spectrum. When considering packaging, most in the industry are going for highly sophisticated, stylized packages, as if you are purchasing these items at Whole Foods. Edibles, however, have a tightrope to walk particularly after last year when news reports of kids sickened by them thinking they were regular candy caused edible makers to scrambl

Not only is there the fear of children accidentally eating these products, but many regular consumers have been sickened because they ate too much at once. For instance, certain candy bars recommend one or two squares to be consumed at one sitting. One should wait an hour before ingesting more. But on some packages these recommendations are small or hard to read, leading to bad outcomes and a lack of repeat customers.

10 mg is considered by Colorado to be an appropriate dose of THC. Edible companies need to be able to offer a serving or dosage size that is clear for the customer or patient. Packaging is something any serious ganjapreneur should meditate long and hard on. But the right kind of packaging and message can have your product flying off shelves, without any static from regulatory agencies.