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Chiropractic treatment offers a better quality of life and pain relief. Chiropractors use a completely drug-free, highly effective, comfortable, safe and natural therapy which is designed to promote healing of a number of conditions. Some of the conditions that are normally treated by chiropractors are discussed below:

The chiropractor downtown Ottawa will assist the patients in the massage therapy. The treatment is possible through the professionals to get good results. There is a relief in pain for the users. The treatment is provided according to the needs to maintain good and healthy lifestyle.

Lower Back Pain

One of the most common health complaints in adults is back pain. The causes for back pain can include poor posture, disc problems, degeneration and joint dysfunction among many others. Lower back pain can be effectively treated by chiropractors.

Bone Spurs

This condition refers to the abnormal growth of bones in extremities or spine. This condition can cause intense pain if they interfere with muscles and nerves.


Pain caused by sciatica can be dull, sharp, burning, shooting or originating from your lower back and down to the leg and thigh. This condition is caused due to the compression of sciatic nerve.

Injuries Caused by Sports

Chiropractors can effectively treat injuries to joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles so that they don’t lead to long term problems.


This condition refers to the abnormal curve of spine. The condition refers to the alteration in function and structure of the spine. Professional chiropractors halt this condition from progressing.

Tennis Elbow

Golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow refers to muscle inflammation attached around the medial and lateral aspect of the elbow. The condition can be caused because of repetitive forceful activities or sports.

Ankle And Knee Pain

Ankle and knee pain are quite common. The causes for the pain are flat feet, incorrect foot biomechanics, high heels and incorrect footwear that cause extra strain on the soft tissues and knee joint. Chiropractors have advanced biomechanical knowledge so they can help patients with this condition. They can ensure that the problem doesn’t progress further and help with pain.

Frozen Shoulder

Our shoulder is basically a shallow joint which is held in place by our rotator cuff muscles. Injury or strain to the muscles can cause movement loss, pain and inflammation. If you feel any discomfort or pain in the shoulder joint it is important to get diagnosed and evaluated immediately.

Slipped Disc or Disc Herniation

Slipped disc refers to the rupture, protrusion, bulge or herniation of the intervertebral disc. Our discs act as a shock absorber to protect it from trauma. The symptoms may include numbness and pain in the legs, an electric sharp pain in back, tiredness, weakness and inability to straighten or bend the back. Chiropractors are quite successful in treatment of slipped disc condition.

Neck Pain

A lot of adults suffer from neck pain today. It is a common condition which is often seen in individuals who have desk bound jobs and computer related work. Sedentary lifestyle and poor posture are some of the causes for muscle and joint dysfunction and stiffness. Tingling sensation and numbness in the fingers and arm is another symptom. Neck pain can be effectively treated by chiropractors with excellent results.