Enjoying The Commonwealth Bank Credit Card Rewards

There are many types of rewards credit cards and it pays to know the different accounts, providers and features to find one that matches your lifestyle as well as your needs. Rewards credit cards are becoming popular as more and more people find it necessary to keep on spending so might as well get a reward from it. The Commonwealth Bank credit card rewards program is one of the many credit cards that offer consumers flexibility in enjoying their bonuses and points. The said bank features a rewards scheme that cover travel flights, merchandise and many more. They even allow you to improve your points by making it possible to link two cards into just one account.

The awards credit card rewards program of Commonwealth Bank offers consumers three choices of credit cards, which are the Commonwealth Bank Awards Card, the Gold Awards Card or the Platinum Awards card. In all the three award cards, consumers can benefit from either a MasterCard or American Express card that can be linked into one account. In so doing, you will get just one statement in just one Awards account. Your points on your credit card will be earned depending on the amount of money you spend with your rewards card as well as whether you have used a MasterCard or an American Express card presently linked to your account.

For every dollar you spend on American Express, you earn 1.5 awards points. Incidentally, it will be 2 points for every dollar with the Gold card and 3 points for the Platinum. On the other hand, MasterCard offers a 1 to 1 ratio, meaning 1 point for every dollar. The Commonwealth Bank credit card rewards scheme has several bonus partners that allow you to get more awards points. You can browse their website for detailed information on this particular subject matter. You will find that there are many bonus partners led by Bob Jane T-Marts, Sanity, Hoyts, Travel Lodge and Thrifty car rental among many others. Cards allow you to shop from anywhere with Cvv Shop Online

You can also change your Commonwealth Bank credit card rewards for Velocity Points, which is 2 awards point per one velocity point. Doing so will earn you flight point with Velocity airlines including the Pacific and Virgin Blue. In addition, you may also redeem your awards points into Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollars, which will allow you to buy tickets on any Air New Zealand flight. You may also avail of your rewards through Star Alliance airline as well as hotel or rental transport. As you spend, you may have the chance to do more travelling, which is a pretty good arrangement all in all.

For merchandise, you can choose from an extensive selection using your Commonwealth Bank credit card rewards points. You can browse their websites and find your items arranged in user-friendly set up with categories ranging from cameras to home or garden use. Commonwealth Bank would also go to such lengths as providing its customers with a regular newsletter with their latest offerings.

Another option is to redeem your awards points for credit. This can be in any amount from $20 to as much as $250. Furthermore, with only 4,000 points, you can exchange your rewards as gift cards or vouchers from a long list of stores including popular retailers like Coles, Kmart, Dymocks, and Prouds. Many customers often prefer an iTunes gift card. You may also apply for a MasterCard prepaid gift card with as much as $200 as preload.


As technology is taking over the world, people are also feeling comfortable doing all the possible work from sitting in their homes. They are buying things are paying by using whatever means they can like cards, cash, UPI, etc. So, once you enjoy it you can’t stop using it.