Exercise For Weight Loss

How many of us can honestly say that we get enough exercise? It may be that we feel that we can’t find the time or that, when we finish work, we are simply too tired to get out there and make the effort.

Did you know that exercise can increase the levels of our ‘happy hormone’? It is the endorphins that are manufactured in our brain that make us feel good after we have exercised. So, if you find yourself using any excuse to avoid exercising, remember the ‘happy hormone’ and how good you will feel after you’ve been for a run, a brisk walk, or even a gentle swim. Moreover, you can check out Mensjournal for some of the best tips that will help you stay motivated with your weight loss goals. 

We were never designed to live the sedentary lifestyle that today’s world has forced upon us. When we were hunter-gathers, we would have had to walk for miles to find our lunch. Then we would have had to carry it back to the cave (or where ever), cleaned it, and cooked it (I think) before we could sit down to dine. We would have done the same thing all over again the day after. So, getting enough exercise was never an issue, it would have been necessary to keep ourselves alive. Oh, I know that those days are long gone – thankfully. But our body design remains fundamentally the same and the effect of sitting around in an office and the convenient lifestyle that we have adopted is now beginning to take its toll.

So, in order to become as healthy as we can possibly be, we have to design our current lifestyle around exercise and a healthy diet. Research suggests that today’s obesity problems are possibly caused more by lack of exercise rather than consistently overeating. Being a couch potato, coupled with the wrong type of diet, would cause anyone to gain some extra pounds.

So, it is in our best interests to combine regular exercise with a healthy diet which will help to ensure that we will be around to see our grandchildren grow up. Exercise alone is not the answer, nor is diet, but both together can make a big difference to our overall health and could also help to increase our life expectancy.

If this will be the first time that you have tried any physical exercise, try something simple like putting on a pair of comfy shoes and going for a brisk walk. In this time of cars and cabs, we tend to forget how good walking is for us. If you think that walking won’t achieve anything – think again. It is a great way to begin any fitness regime. Take the dog, take the kids, it will do everyone good.

Gradually increase the distance and speed of your walk and you will soon begin to see and feel the difference. Don’t use the weather as an excuse to avoid your daily walk, save up and buy a treadmill. Make it part of your daily routine to walk, then progress to jogging. You could even put the treadmill in front of your TV, so you won’t miss your favorite programs.