Facebook Marketing Expectations I Have

  1. Facebook Marketing Realistic Expectations

Whilst many social media ‘experts’ and those in the mainstream media would have you believe that it’s possible for everyone to achieve dramatic successes with Facebook Marketing overnight with a Facebook share, a Twitter post, or as you buy old Facebook accounts for promotions, they are lying.

Actually, for the most part, the impact on one’s business or marketing efforts through Facebook marketing is only contributory, and even though your Facebook marketing may have an impact on the bottom line it could only be a single-digit conversion impact.

A new fireplace installation, for example, is unlikely to “go viral.” With that said. If a client is impressed with your work, they may share the results with their friends and neighbors. In the event that they have a friend that is happy with the results and is in the process of looking for a new fireplace. They may ask whom the contractors were who were involved in fitting the unit or sellers of the unit were thus generating business.

Have realistic expectations and objectives

  1. Incremental Improvement

As in life, most of the things that we achieve are not overnight successes; your social media marketing is likely to be no different.

What instead you’ll find is that you need to make a significant time investment initially in setting up your system and strategies, and then you’ll need to make some marginal efforts every now and again managing it.

You will likely see returns over time and not immediately.

  1. Image, Perception, and Reality

During selection processes, people filter and amplify the marketing messaging that they receive depending on their own points of view and experiences.

A well-managed social media campaign can help to present a positive image such that you are perceived in a desirable fashion. Conversely, whilst you may be well organized, motivated and produce great results in your work (“reality”). If the image that you present on social media is negative it is likely that your potential work will be also be perceived as bad.

Present your image in a desirable fashion.

  1. Increase Awareness

Marketing has many different effects, one of the impacts that it can have on your business is to increase awareness such that when someone is looking for something specific in the future that they keep your firm or business in mind.

Increasing awareness does not necessarily create an impact right now, and in the future other influencing factors could let you down prior to final selection.

Social media marketing is only one contributory factor in achieving success.

  1. Figure out What Works and Improving on It

If you have an eye for detail, you will have noticed that the very best firms that achieve distribution through social media are always looking to achieve improvements. These masters of social media & Facebook Marketing marketing are constantly trying out various theories and messaging strategies to try and improve on what they already know works.

When they know that something works, they keep trying to improve the conversion rates.

Have an attitude of constant improvement.

  1. Relate

This is a concept that is often overlooked. Those unfamiliar with marketing strategies want to bang out information regarding their latest deals and features of the things that they provide.

Amateur marketers often overlook the things that matter – things that matter to the end customer.

You should identify what matter to your clients, and use your social media & Facebook marketing as a method by which to “socially” and seemingly independently demonstrate the utility that you can provide.

So for example, if we consider a potential client is looking for a plumber. You want someone who is trustworthy, works to a high standard, delivers on time, reliable, and on budget. If a third party shows your work with photos and a recommendation on your social profile, that’s far more valuable to a third party prospect than offering 10% off for a limited time.