Female Bodybuilding Women Think Of It Too

Female bodybuilding is nothing but the female component of competitive bodybuilding. Female bodybuilding began in late 1970s when enthusiastic women started taking part in bodybuilding competitions. Prior to 1970s, the contest held for selecting Miss Physique and Miss Americana used to be nothing more than bikini contests. 1978 was the year when the actual competition for women championship was conducted. This competition was known as the U.S. Women’s National Physique Championship, which was held in Canton, Ohio, and was promoted by Henry McGhee. Gradually, many other competitions featuring female bodybuilding began.


Sexism and Discrimination in Female Bodybuilding

Deciding and being a female bodybuilder needs courage and high dedication. Not all women are able to achieve the title of a female bodybuilder. Since female bodybuilding competitions began, the female bodybuilders had to go through lot of gender discrimination issues. Women are usually identified with a slender and trim figure and people consider female bodybuilding as immoral. Thus, it requires a huge amount of courage for women to participate in these competitions despite several criticisms. However, dedicated female bodybuilders today have enormous fan-base on the basis of their masculine identity.

Over the ages, many changes were made to give female bodybuilding a feminine look, like the usage of Best Testosterone Booster Supplements. During the early 1990s, the judges were actually told to deduct the points of participants who were too muscular for a feminine look. Another rule was created by the IFBB which stated that the women competitors must decrease their muscle mass by twenty percent to compete in Ms. International competition held in 2005. Such restrictions on the female bodybuilding inhibit women competitors from reaching the muscularity as that of men. Usually being masculine is seen as an identity of male bodybuilders. Thus, restricting female bodybuilding helps in creating differences between men and female bodybuilding.

Workouts for Female Bodybuilding

The first step for a woman to become a bodybuilder is to get rid of the cultural stereotypes of women beauty. Becoming a female bodybuilder will make you muscular and powerful that will never match the predominate view of beauty. The workouts for women bodybuilders often differ to that of men’s. Women must also decide their goals for bodybuilding. Some women usually want to develop well ripped muscles that make them eligible for bodybuilding competitions, whereas some women want to remain fit keeping their body lean. Thus, workouts for both the goals differ drastically. So if your goal is to go for professional bodybuilding, then the first major tip is to combine your bodybuilding workout with cardio exercise.

The other important workouts for women bodybuilders include a sufficient amount of weight training. Weight training is an important aspect in women bodybuilding, as cardio alone cannot help you in overall transformation. Weight training is often a challenging and stressful act. However, one must not get diverted from their focus and should show ample dedication to achieve their goals. While working on weight, one can even try to show some variations in the workout to avoid the same monotonous routines. A good physical trainer can always guide you in this and provide ample variations in your daily workouts to keep you enthusiastic. Thus, choosing on a right physical trainer is another important task while opting on this field. The trainers can help you in several ways such as planning your workouts, monitoring your body changes, guiding and supporting you during your heavy workouts, and motivating you. Thus, women planning to start their preparations for bodybuilding competition must pay special attention to their workouts and also while selecting the perfect trainer.

Diet for Female Bodybuilders

One of the many important goals for women who want to indulge in bodybuilding must be burn fat and add muscles. Bodybuilding workout is not the only thing that will help you in building a competition winning body. A perfect diet that provides you with ample nutrient, minerals, fats, acids, and other important ingredients is an important aspect in bodybuilding. Be it men or women, bodybuilding diet play a very important role in maintaining your body stability. Thus, make sure you pay special attention to your diet and avoid any hindrance in providing essential proteins to your body. The diet is generally divided into two major types: food and protein supplements. Both, food as well as the protein supplements play a very important role in filling your body with nutrients that help in muscle recovery and muscle building. Hence, an appropriately planned diet helps in managing equilibrium between your hardcore workout and muscle recovery and building.

The other important aspect that can be counted in diet is ample rest. Relaxation helps your body in receiving time to recover muscle injuries. Also, it gives time to your body to utilize the diet you take for regenerating energy and developing muscles. Thus, one must take proper diet as well as rest after their workout in order to achieve quick and effective results. A professional diet planner will guide you on various diet plans according to your body weight-mass calculations.

Motivation for Female Bodybuilders

As mentioned above, women bodybuilders often go through severe criticism and require some motivation so that they can stick to their goal. Brilliant bodybuilding posters, quotes, and support of your loved ones are the best ways to get motivation and stay focused. “A Million Dollar Baby”, is one of the most favorite and motivational movies of all times for several women bodybuilders. This movie will teach you to be honest, dedicated, and respectful to the things you do. Watching this movie each time you feel down will definitely motivate you to take leaps towards your goal.

Today, a large number of women are attracted towards the bodybuilding sport. The bodybuildingquest.com motivates all such women to go ahead and achieve their dreams. This site will provide you all the necessary information required for female bodybuilding and will also guide you on several common questions faced by women bodybuilders.

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