How to Ensure Safety for the Bunk Bed Users

The use of bunk beds is quite common,  as they offer different types of benefits.  One of the reasons as to why people prefer using these beds is because they save a lot of space. However,  there is one crucial aspect that needs to be mentioned in this context. Every year,  in the United States, more than 36000 bunk bed-related injuries are reported. Usually, these injuries happen when the kids are sleeping or they are playing around the bed. Therefore,  though bunk beds are convenient options;  However,  they are not always the safest ones. You can have a look at puidust klotsid, if you are planning to buy bunk beds. 

Does this mean that people should stop using bunk beds? That’s not how it should be looked upon! However, in order to ensure that these injuries and accidents could be avoided there are a couple of important safety measures that need to be adopted. 

Few Important Facts about Bunk Bed Injuries you need to know 

Here are a couple of important facts related to bunk bed injuries which you should know. 

  • Most of the time, children are the victims of bunk bed injuries 
  • Children tend to sustain injuries while they sleeping or playing on their beds. 
  • Injuries that happen due to a fall from the bunk bed can be worse and fatal than the normal beds. 
  • Most of the time it is the head and neck which get injured due to falls from bunk beds.

Who Suffer most of the Injuries? 

According to the data gathered from different bunk bed-related injuries, the following patterns and common aspects could be derived. 

  • More than half of the injuries that can be related to bunk beds happen to children who are within the range of 2 to 6 years.
  • As opposed to other teens, those who belong to the age group between 18 to 21, suffer more injuries. 
  • For some reason, it has been found that boys are more vulnerable to bunk bed injuries compares to girls.

Bunk bed tips which you need to keep in mind 

Are you planning to install a bunk bed in your home? In that case,  there are a couple of important aspects which need to take into consideration.  In the following section of this article, a few important tips would be offered which can help you ensure the optimum level of safety for those who would be using the bunk band. 

  • You need to make sure that you have guardrails on all the sides of the bump bed. The gap between the rails should not be more than 3.5 inches.
  • It is important to ensure that the mattress which is used is of the right size.
  • Never allow children who are less than six years old to sleep in the top bunk.
  • Children should be prohibited from playing on the bed of the ladder of the bunk bed.
  • Need to ensure that the top of the bunk bed is at a distance from the ceiling fan.

As long as  you adopt proper safety measures, bump bed injuries and accidents can be reduced by a great extent.