How To Make Own Minecraft Skins Tutorial

Minecraft is a unique and amazing games because we can change character skins with own skin whatever we want. A lot minecraft skins can found at internet maybe on forum or other website, but when you want to make own i will give a tutorial for you. Make own minecraft skins just need a low skill at MS Paint or other picture editing software like corel draw or adobe photoshop. How difficult to make the skins? the answer is normal, its not hard but not easy too. first step you must have a minecraft skins template which you can download Here (after image show use right click on your mouse and save as), the name of template is skinzone and below is screenshot:

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Can you see at skinzone that have a much part which you can change the color as you want, in the template show the part of the character body like head,arm,leg or body. every part you want to change color use MS paint/Corel or other picture editing software. After you finish design your own minecraft skins you should to save as on .PNG extension. Just you know that the template is zoom about 100 times, so after you finish assignment you need to resize to 64×32 pixels, but you should to save the big size for back up when sometimes you want to edit again. You can see the example of minecraft skins here.

Make minecraft skins is very nice, we can make own character we want and blow all creativity. After you finish one of your own skin you can share there on forum or you make own personal blog. I also have a solution for people dont have time to make skins, i will share a lot minecraft skins on this blog, so always visit this blog and download the best minecraft skins.