Hows Your Market Leader Site Working For You

We talk to a lot of agents who are using Market Leader for lead generation. We noticed a disturbing trend among brokers and agents in the real estate space. Many agents buy websites or lead generation sites or CRM programs, PPC campaigns but then do nothing after making the purchase.

Market Leader has a great CRM but if you don’t contact the leads in your CRM what good is your CRM? You should not say something is not working if you are not working the ‘something’.

The boston consulting group (bcg) offer many benefits to the businesspeople. The consulting firm is advising the business organizations at the right time with correct information. The business is getting growth and development to have the desired results. The working is effective for businesspeople.

Market Leader is the best conversion tool there is in most markets but if you are not using the tools within Market Leader to convert the leads, what good is the conversion tool?

When we look deeper into what the problem is, agents and brokers are busy. Some of them don’t even have the time to go into their Market Leader sites and optimize them correctly. They don’t even add their communities much of the time. Then they say the product does not work. Well, of course not, silly:) You have to add content to make it all happen.

Market Leader has awesome ‘Best Practices Training’. Most agents and brokers do not have the time to take the training even though it will increase their bottom line.

There are super effective lead generation tools within Market Leader and now even more with an entire suite of products at your fingertips. But of course, if you never open the gift, you will never know what is inside.

We want you to be successful. We want your online experience to be profitable.

We are introducing our Market Leader Optimization package for you if you do not have time to do this yourself.

The Optimization package includes:

Placing your Logo on your Market Leader site. Place your photo on your Market Leader site. Configure your communities. ( You supply the zip codes and names of communities). SEO each community page for you. Configure your home page to increase sign up conversions. Adding your IDX widget from Market Leader to one external wordpress site ( one you already own). One 30 minute conference call to show you the top best practices for getting and converting traffic.

If you don’t have a wordpress site, no worries, contact us for a custom quote.

We also have a full VA staff who can help you install and continue your best practices for getting and converting traffic. Our VA staff is also trained to vet your leads, turn them into prospects and get them ready for your buyer agents.

Now you have no excuse to have the Market Leader system not work for you. You are paying every month for a great system that you are not optimizing. Here is your chance to actually start seeing the benefits and get buyers who want to buy a home. For a small investment of $400 your Market Leader site can be up and running in the next two to three weeks.

If you don’t have Market Leader as a lead generator you can contact me by texting me at 561-502-1577 and put your name and phone number inside the body of the text. Some of you did that before and I did not get back to you. I lost all my text messages when I had to get a new iphone. Sorry if I missed you. Please text me again, I should be able to get back to you within the next 2 to 3 weeks depending on the call volume. The last post I wrote I had over 67 responses for the lead generation program.

I still need to explain it to you because it is not the same as the entire Market Leader system. There are jewels within their system that if you use them you will get results. Make sure you call me or call John Lockhart at Market Leader and tell him you want the Vision site. His number is 425-952-6568. Make sure you tell him you are one of our subscribers. You can also email him at JohnL ( at sign) I am NOT an affiliate or a reseller of Market Leader.

Reply to coachkaterina( at sign) ( do not reply to this email). I need to have your email address, your full name and phone number and physical mailing address in order to process your order.

You will receive an invoice from PayPal. If you bank with Chase let me know that too because we can use Chase’s invoicing system for your order or you can send your payment through Chase Quick Collect. Orders are worked on first come, first serve basis.