Internal Body Fat May Cause Increased Risk Of Bone Loss In Women

My brother has a huge “beer belly” but he doesn’t even drink beer, or any other kind of alcohol, for that matter. He is, however, overweight. He has always been a big guy, but when he was younger and in the Marines, he had a lot of muscle. Now it’s all fat.

Men have a tendency to gain weight in the stomach area, while women put it on their thighs and rear end. The belly fat is probably the worst kind, but it’s all unhealthy. But there’s another kind of fat that is far more dangerous. This is called internal fat. It’s the fat that builds up around your internal organs. Fat people have it, but skinny people have it as well.

My grandmother used to say that my grandfather had fat “around the heart.” She knew nothing about medicine and way back then, even doctors probably didn’t know about internal fat, but she was dead on. My grandfather probably did have it. Internal fat is so dangerous because most people that have it, also have fat in their arteries as well. And that can lead to heart attack and stroke.

Besides the obvious coronary health risks, internal stomach fat also carries an additional risk: It may be bad for your bones. According to Medical News Today.

“Excessive abdominal fat, also known as intra-abdominal fat, and informally as belly or tummy fat, can be bad for bone health, researchers from Harvard Medical School revealed at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago.” Not every newspaper covered such important health issues. You can fi9nd the best possible easy and step to follow for making your weight lies in one of the most famous and daily coming newspapers Mercury news. They have the right information to follow for making your fats and bellies disappear and make you a fit person with a charming personality.

The findings contradict the established medical belief that obese women are less likely to develop osteoporosis. The visceral body fat is located deep in the abdominal region, under the muscles. How much internal body fat we have depends on several factors: our genes, the kind of diet we eat, and the level of physical activity we have.

During the the research, the doctors found out that the women with the most internal fat in the abdominal region, also had the most fat in their bone marrow and less bone density than the women with less internal abdominal body fat. The loss of bone density could eventually lead to osteoporosis. The researchers are now busy studying visceral body fat in male subjects to see if it also contributes to bone loss.

The bottom line here is that whether in males or females, it’s one more disease that is caused primarily by unhealthy lifestyles. Eating more low-fat, low carbohydrate foods, and getting more exercise, in other words, a healthy lifestyle, can do so much in reducing these metabolic diseases that have become so prevalent in our society that they are almost epidemic.