Is Online Psychic Reading By Phone And Chat Is possible?

As everything is getting advanced and everyone wants to do everything online as you can also read everything online and many of the websites had provided the benefit of online psychic reading by phone and chat so now you can do everything online and in a further article, you will get to know about rare tarot.

This exact spread appeared about a month ago as I was reading for a client. I took a picture, something I am not in the habit of doing, because the Knight, Queen, and King of Cups appeared in the spread in that order. Wow! How rare is that? The topic of the reading was Love. Given the Trifecta of Cups, I would interpret this as a lot of serious learning about love and being loving. Hopefully, there will be a mastery of lessons learned about love because of the King of Cups. Or possibly, a mastery of Loving Who You Are. Learning to accept yourself and love yourself completely.

The other Tarot cards indicate that this will take some hard work and be a long and ongoing process. The Knight of Pentacles and 6 of Swords indicate that this will be a journey of the mind, and it may be hard to know what is stable from what is in mind, the thoughts. The Fives (Cups and Swords) indicate emotional and mental confusion. That is, “What path to take?” If a path can be seen through all the confusion, of course.

All is not lost, though! The Hierophant and Death are present to guide this transformation. The Hierophant represents long-held beliefs and rules. Death is the card of transformation and change. “Dig deep,” they say, “Find that spark of yourself and nurture it. Help it to grow, and it will guide you forward.” What beliefs are being kept? Should they be kept or discarded? Better yet, will they be kept or discarded?

Nothing about this Tarot spread is easy. It is complex, and the way is unclear like someone tore the middle of the map apart and hid that section leaving only the beginning and the end. At least there will be plenty of love and encouragement thanks to the Court of Cups!

How would you interpret this Tarot spread? What does the Court of Cups say to you? How does this spread make you feel? Get your thinking caps on and have your pens ready so you can take notes when those ideas start flowing!