Micro cannulas- What Is It And Its Various Types?

Are you scared of getting the injections applied? If yes, then now there is no need to worry as technology has advanced a lot. Now more advanced modes of applying the injections have been invented that are known as the Micro cannulas

Micro cannula is the advanced version of the needles that are used for applying the injections to the patients. As we know in the case of the standard method, the needles used are so sharp that people are scared of them, but this is not the case with the Micro cannulas; they have the blunt front that makes the procedure of applying the injection relatively more straightforward.

If we talk about the present scenario than then, science has advanced a lot, that it has made the life of people relatively easy. If a person is facing any health issues, then at some point in life, they have to get the injection injected.

Is it advisable to use the Micro cannula over needles?

In the past, people used to inject medicine fillers with the help of the needles as there was no other solution available. But, unfortunately, these needles sometimes even create several problems for the patients, like a swelling, infection. Even the effect can be so severe for the patient that it might lead to blindness or stroke.

But as the new technology called cannula needle was invented, it has made it relatively easy for the patient to get the medicine fillers injected. It has blunt tips that do not create any kind of harm to the skin of a person.

There are various Micro cannula available for the patients, depending on the area on which they want to get the injections injected. If the patient will select the Micro cannula based on the part of the body, then it will provide him with the better results. Now we will discuss in detail the various options available:

  • 14G and 16G Micro cannulas

These are the type of instruments that have been specially designed for injecting the areas like the face, arms, and chest.

  • 18G Micro cannulas

The area for which they are favorable includes the face contour, eyes sockets, jowls, and the cheeks.

  • 22 G Micro cannulas

22G Micro cannulas are the best type of options that are suitable for the tear trough, jowls, and cheekbones.

  • 23 G Micro cannulas

Chin, retro-mandibular areas, cheeks, and the tear trough.

  • 25G Micro cannulas

Chin, jowls, tear troughs, glabella, nose, forehead, neckline, and the hand.

  • 26G and 27G Micro cannulas

Lips, nose, and the eye contour areas

  • 30G Micro cannulas

Chin, expression lines, and the lips are the areas where these types of Micro cannulas are being used.

The above mentioned are the various types of the cannula needle that are available as an option for people. They can make the selection of the one as per their infected area and also after the proper consultation with the doctor.

Hopefully, it is pretty clear that using the Micro cannula needles is the best option, but they must be used as per the requirement.