Online Movies- Watch with Care

The corona virus pandemic has brought the entire world to a standstill due to which people have been confined to their homes since the past year and are not able to go about their daily lifestyle like hanging out with friends or watching a movie in the nearby theater.

However, this has proven to be a boon for the OTT platforms online that has seen booming business ever since the lockdown was announced as billions of people subscribed to platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, 123movies, etc. to name a few to watch their favorite movies apart from Nonton film streaming.

The necessary respite that people wanted from the grueling office schedule finally became a reality when people got enough time to spend with their family and watch movies not just from Hollywood but across the world and they discovered some new flicks with different genres and working style.

OTT Process

When you have so many platforms online, it becomes difficult to choose from while some people have subscribed to all of them as they find that there are certain movies found only on a particular platform.

Today, theaters are slowly going out of fashion and it has little to do with the Covid-19 induced lockdown and the fact that we can’t move out is quite frustrating but at the same time, there’s nothing stopping you from going to a friends’ house or inviting them over.

This is why many are considering the corona virus a blessing in disguise due to it providing an opportunity for the family to spend time with one another for an extended period and enjoying movies with friends in ways like never before.

While social distancing norms are strictly followed by people, the lockdown has lifted considerably in the past few months and people can now meet and greet without touching one another by taking safety precautions like sanitizers in hand.

If you want to make movie watching a fun fare this season, it is better to follow some important points so that you can just raise the bar high where the adrenaline starts pumping at a high end level.


In case friends can’t turn up or you can’t go over to their place, use My Circle TV where you can watch movies with your friends through voice chat despite the person being miles away and when you’re in your pajamas during night, the level of thrill gets at an all time high.

Netflix Party is a new extension of Google where you can watch movies and chat simultaneously with friends so make sure to get a subscription as soon as possible to try this new feature out.

Scener is another application that can be called new age Netflix Party where you can not only video chat with friends but also send and receive messages to discuss about the movie.

We’ll save the most obvious for the last because Zoom and Skype are two platforms that everyone is aware of where multiple friends can sit together for a virtual meeting and pick a movie to watch together.