Protect Yourself While Working Out – Check the protection available 

Back in my younger days, I trained hard almost every day and played sports too. What I didn’t understand back then is that I was putting myself at serious risk for injury. Now that I’m older and aware of the implications of over-doing it, I see people acting a lot like I did long ago. What happens when you push yourself too hard is that you get hurt and then you’re sidelined for life.

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One thing is for sure: cardiovascular exercise has an evil aspect to it that causes harm to the body and nothing in the way of fat loss. When people see that cardio’s not helping them, they often respond by doing it harder and longer in hopes of getting some results.

This is a recipe for disaster. You should only do cardio or intervals three or four times a week. The same thing goes for weights: only work with them 4 times a week

The bottom line is that you need to exercise caution when it comes to your fitness program.

So, here are some hints that can help you stay well as you exercise.


Do exercises that you understand and can do in proper form.


If you feel pain, stop. If a particular drill hurts, then get a pro to help you find a different move to try.


When trying some new things, use very easy weights until you learn proper form and adequately work through any initial pain.


Take extra rest or recovery time if you think you need it. If you don’t you could get hurt.


Have another person there to help if you’re doing heavy-weight exercises. It’s dangerous to do these alone.


Don’t accept pressure to perform. Your egotism isn’t going to loook good when you’re disabled.


Limit your intervals to four times weekly. Professionals don’t try to do more, so you shouldn’t either.