Putting More Nutrition Into Meals Improves Weight Loss

Weight loss goals aside, can you think of anything better than sitting down with a piping hot ear of corn on the cob smothered in salt and butter? It is a vegetable after all and such a great comfort food how can this be bad? This is a very good question.

Did you know that the average American will get 67% of their calories from three basic foods? Wheat, corn and soy comprise the bulk of most peoples diet, when they should only come in at around 5-10% of your total caloric intake.

Obesity is on the rise and with it significant health issues. The imbalance of the American diet is largely to blame. More specifically, these three foods are hindering your ability to lose weight.

Along with weight loss issues people are also developing allergies and intolerances to two of the culprits, wheat and soy, plus gluten intolerances.

  • Our digestive systems weren’t designed to handle this massive amount of:
  • High fructose corn syrup.
  • Corn Oil

Possibly hundreds more including soy lecithin, wheat or cornstarch, mono or diglycerides and many more.

Think about your diet, does it include breads, marinades, soda, salad dressing or ketchup? Each of these contains massive amounts of high fructose corn syrup.

Now here is another shocker. Farmers are feeding cattle mostly corn and soy even though there systems are not designed for it. It puts way more fat on farm animals which brings the farmers more money when the cattle are sold at the market.

Feeding farm animal corn and soy alters the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of the fats to unhealthy levels. It also diminishes the healthy CLA fats that would occur naturally in grass-fed beef. The same holds true for chickens, salmon and other farm raised fish.

When you eat beef, chicken and fish you are still consuming foods that contain negative attributes for your health because of all the corn, soy fat buildup.

If you are truly going to affect weight loss and get a handle on our health, then it all starts with the grocery cart. You can also opt for supplements like Testo Max to boost your nutritional content. If you are concerned about its effects, you can always check for this Testo Max review from any trainer’s or vendor’s official site. 

Testo Max claims to have many essential elements as Vitamin D3, Fenugreek, ginseng extracts or Vitamin B6, which are the best supporters of quick fat loss and body nourishment. 

If you want to lose weight the formula is simple, purchase healthy foods and leave the processed foods alone. Instead of eating junk food every day add meat from free roaming animals, seeds, nuts, beans, fruits and vetgetables. Save the unhealthy stuff for a cheat day!

  • Dine out once per week and eat junk food on that day. This limits your access to junk and the temptation to eat it.
  • The best source of carbohydrates is fruits and vegetables instead of grain.
  • Try to get most of your carbs from fruits and veggies instead of grains.
  • Try to avoid tomato sauces that have HFCS and soybean oils. Choose sauces made with olive oils instead. You must avoid unhealthy canola oils too.
  • When you are hankering for corn chips try a crisp veggie stick with guacamole.
  • Reduce your cereal, bread, and pasta intake by having them on your cheat day.

My point is, you’re not going to always be perfect with your diet, but you have to get the percentages of corn, soy, wheat and their myriad of derivatives back in line with good health standards. Your long term health and weight loss depend on it.