Remington Pivot Flex Men’s Rechargeable Cordcordless Foil Shaver

The Remington Pivot & Flex Men’s Rechargeable Cord/Cordless Foil rasierer with model number F5790 and LED Power Gauge is an electric razor that is featured to provide a clean and comfortable shave even in awkward angles. It is equipped with three titanium covered foils with a neck that can swivel and pivot in the different angles of your face. It features an ergonomic gripping handle with a pop-out trimmer and a backlit LED that displays the life of the battery. The major feature of this razor is the flexible head that can pivot even in the difficult angles of your face. It can easily slide through your chin and jawbone while constantly being attached to your skin. In that way, there will be no uneven shaved areas and the work is totally clean. The pivot capability of this shaver is 10% more efficient than other leading brands.

The titanium coating makes the blade strong, sharp, and safe. The coating plays a big factor in preventing the blades from getting dull. It also maintains the shaving gently, protecting your skin from cuts, scratches, and irritations. The three levels of foils help promote a faster shave since it has a greater cutting area. Plus you don’t have to keep going back to the same area since it gives you a clean result in just one glide. Each of the foil can flex and swivel independently so if there any hair that the first one missed, the second and third foil will finish the job. The battery is also heavy duty so it lasts for a long time. It can function for about 60 minutes without a cord. That means 30 shaves with just the use of the battery alone. The pop-out trimmer that is attached with it has three positions – lock, intercept and trip, which is indeed a versatile grooming kit.

Remington Pivot & Flex Men’s Rechargeable Cord/Cordless Foil Shaver Review:

This shaver has received an average rating of 3 stars from the customers who reviewed it. They have mixed opinions and quite a few contradicting comments about it.

One customer expressed his satisfaction with this razor. He mentioned that its performance alone is way above the other competitors. It certainly gave him a close shave which he hadn’t experienced for a long time now. Another one was amazed at how it efficiently swivels and pivots along with the angles of his face and not to mention that the life of the battery is really long-lasting.

On the other hand, a few customers were disappointed with it. One frustrated customer claimed that it didn’t give him a close shave and the head is not flexible enough to effectively glide cleanly on his chin and jawbone. Another one mentioned that the head and the foil are not durable since he needed to buy replacements for them once every three months.

We would recommend this razor to anyone who is contented with a fair class shaver. The price is not high and the performance seemed to be in the middle-class rating. For this razor, you will get the fair worth of your money.