Simparica Trio: Supporting Zoetis Petcare Rewards Programs

The pet care industry is booming, and the demand for innovative pet products has never been higher. Simparica Trio, an all-inclusive flea and tick treatment from Zoetis Petcare, is helping to meet that need with its support of the Zoetis Petcare Rewards program. This comprehensive program rewards customers for their loyalty to Zoetis products, such as Simparica Trio by providing discounts on future purchases. As more pet owners become aware of this rewarding program, they can reap the benefits of using a trusted product like Simparica Trio at simparica trio dogs stores.

Simparica Trio is a fast-acting flea and tick preventative medication available in three different dosages – 6 mg/mL, 12 mg/mL, and 24 mg/mL – designed to accommodate pets of various sizes and ages. It kills both existing parasites and those that may have been recently acquired, making it ideal for ongoing monthly protection against pests. Additionally, it offers protection from heartworm disease when used twice monthly in conjunction with a heartworm preventive medicine.

How Does It Work?

When applied topically to the skin between the shoulder blades of cats and dogs (as recommended by your vet), Simparica Trio starts working within hours to kill biting fleas and ticks before they can transmit dangerous diseases or cause discomfort to your pet. Its long-lasting formula kills parasites for up to 35 days, depending on how often you administer it each month (twice or once). The active ingredient in Sarolaner targets six types of common parasites, including Brown Dog Ticks, Lone Star Ticks, American Dog Ticks, Blacklegged Deer Ticks, Gulf Coast Ticks and Sarcoptes scabiei mites – giving your pet’s immune system time to build resistance to these pesky invaders.

Superior safety profile

Unlike some other flea and tick treatments currently on the market, which may require daily application or even oral administration (which can be difficult when dealing with finicky pets), Simparica Trio only needs to be applied topically every two weeks for cats and four weeks for dogs – making it an easy way to ensure that your fur baby is always getting superior parasite protection, without having to deal with the nasty side effects such as vomiting or diarrhoea associated with other treatments commonly used today. What’s more, because there are no chemical residues left behind after application (so you don’t have to worry about accidentally poisoning yourself!), you can rest assured that your furry friend will be safe while receiving effective pest control without worrying about potential environmental hazards caused by hazardous chemicals found in many traditional insecticides used around the home today.

Quality Control Standards

Zoetis Petcare takes quality assurance very seriously in the manufacture of its products, which means that every batch of Simparica Trio produced must pass rigorous laboratory testing standards before being released onto store shelves – ensuring that your pet always receives optimum protection from crawling insects throughout their entire life cycle (egg to adult). As well as being constantly monitored for safety during the manufacturing process, research conducted by independent organizations also shows that this product has no known adverse effects on humans or animals when used as directed on the packaging labels or prescribed by vets who regularly recommend this range for their clients’ pets!

Supporting the Rewards Programme

In addition to the superior level of protection against unwanted pests, customers who purchase any Simpatica Trios product will enjoy additional rewards through the ZoetisPetcare Rewards Program, which gives them access to exclusive discounts when purchasing additional items at participating retail stores across North America! This rewards program not only provides customers with an added incentive to save money but also encourages them to remain loyal to the brand rather than switching to competitor brands – which could ultimately help to stabilize market trends towards increased profits over time due to increased customer loyalty achieved through promotional efforts such as the rewards programs being offered today!


Overall, investing in trusted products such as Zoetis Petcare’s SimpaticaTrios helps to provide peace of mind knowing that customers’ furry family members are protected all year round without sacrificing safety or succumbing to the hazardous environmental impacts associated with many traditional insecticides available today! In addition, supporting rewards programs simultaneously offer added incentives for regular users who want to take advantage of special deals being offered at select retail outlets across Canada & the US alike – giving everyone the perfect opportunity to maximize savings while treating beloved pets right at the same time!