Strong Foundation Will Help You Look Your Room Cool and Decent

There are several ways to make your room look cool and impressive and go on impressing your friends. But, if you are stumped at any point for ideas when it comes to revamping your plain room, allow your schedule and budget to dictate what all you may alter. One can go about reorganizing their room to revive it up, making it look nice and cool.

Let’s get started and see the ideas suggested by Redo Your House:-

Making a Decent Foundation

Display the shag rugs or lay them down

The shag rug could be a decent and pretty soft extension to one’s room’s floor though you can also nail that up on the wall for that unique look. You can opt for a unique pattern rug, colour, or shape to attract your guests’ eyes.

You can add pillows to the bed 

One can find pillows with interesting pictures, quotes, textures, and designs, to add to the room. If you wonder where to buy them, then worry not. You can get them at furniture stores, online stores, & thrift stores. 

Work on the lighting 

If one finds it tough to see into their closet or wishes to add a splash of light into the room, try adding a few fashionable lights, such as an LED light strip or twinkling fairy light. Make it seem like you opened the door to some other universe or the decent dressing room.

You can use tape or hooks to keep lights in the right place. Buy the hooks and lights at the local arts, crafts store, & dollar store. A few lights can come with hooks or adhesive tape.

Finding Decent and Handy Accessories

Lava lamps

Present the room a stimulant feel or add a few colours. You may buy these lights at any vintage store, or you can also buy them online. You can even get them at the thrift store. Try to add a couple or more to make the symmetrical pattern or a design.

Put up rustic and old looking-maps

Whether one frames them or pin them; old maps may make a specific vintage ambience for the room. One can also utilize them as the pinboard for the places that you’ve travelled. Buy them at local stores of map, online, or even get them at the thrift store conveniently.

Add a few posters to your room 

Opt for posters of the TV shows, movies, or anime you like or choose interesting designs. If you’re in college or university, there are often stores of the poster available, providing unique and distinct designs that match the artwork. You can even get vintage music poster replicas. Buy at the thrift store, online, or the local poster stores.

You can also check out posters at the theatres, record stores, and bookstores. Do not be afraid to question the particular store owner when you find the poster catching your eye. To know more, you may look over the web and gather more information on the same.