Tej Kohli Foundation’s Contribution In Sustaining The Food Needs!

This foundation has created records in serving food to hungry people, especially during the pandemic lockdown, when people sustaining on their daily wages could not get out of their house to perform the work. The Tej Kohli Foundation has come forward to help as many people as they can since 2005, and the charity work is still in progress.

In 2005, the Tej Kohli tied up with another person to install various canteens that provided free of cost food to the needy and helpless people. The foundation is working to provide mid-day meals to children even during the off days. Children who suffer from malnutrition are more likely to fall ill and become vulnerable to many diseases; therefore, in the initial days of development, the proper food supply to the body is essential for healthy growth.

Have a look at the way the foundation has contributed to serving the hunger needs of people.

Fundakohli tie-up

The Tej Kohli has associated with Wendy for enhancing the area of the food supply. This joint organization came up to serve food to all the people, especially the children, to develop the brain and body. The canteen set up under this association has provided the lunch to the students and their family in the school on the weekday and the weekends.

This program lasted for many years and fed millions of children. Under this program, many people were appointed, so it created jobs too. These people were to make sure that no student is left empty stomach and has an adequate food supply. Proper nutrition is responsible for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as childhood malnutrition can cause risks to physical health and mental well-being.

Holiday hunger

Holiday hunger is for the children who rely on the school meal offered to them by a foundation. Such children face a phase of anxiety during the holidays due to the unavailability of food. These foundations used to feed the family along with the children in the school. So on holiday, all of them have to go to the food banks to get something to satisfy their hunger.

The holiday hunger could then be met as the food is offered by the Tej Kohli Foundation so that no one sleeps on an empty stomach. This foundation looks for a big army to supply the food to every person as it is not possible for a single person or a team of 5-10 persons. The army includes as many people who want to join it for the well-being of the poor people.

When the world faced the lockdown period, everyone was in need of food. The rich people can afford it themselves, but for the poor, such arrangements were made to satisfy hunger and ensure that everyone gets their share of food. Holiday hunger thus refers to the food deficiency that children and their families face on the holidays.


Tej Kohli has been helping the people in several aspects, and satisfying hunger is one of them. People, especially children, need to have a proper amount of food to be healthy, and this is very crucial in their childhood. The continuous efforts to put hunger at bay by the foundation support a better lifestyle for many people.