The Best Air Water Heat Pumps For Your Home

One of the most efficient solutions for heating and cooling your home is an õhk vesi soojuspump. These systems can provide both hot and cold air at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, making them an excellent investment. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top brands and models of air water heat pumps on the market today.

What Is An Air Water Heat Pump?

An air water heat pump is an energy-efficient system designed to cool or heat your home by transferring thermal energy between two different sources. The most common example is an outdoor condenser unit which draws in ambient warm air from outside and transfers it into cold liquid freon within the refrigeration cycle, before pushing that cooled freon back indoors to cool down the interior space. This same technology can also be used in reverse to draw out indoor warmth to heat up outdoor spaces as well.

Features To Look For When Shopping Around

When shopping around for an air water heat pump, there are certain features you should keep an eye out for. First, select a model with enough power output to meet your needs—the higher the BTU rating, the better. Additionally, consider whether you want a single stage or variable speed compressor (which allows for more precise temperature control). Finally, look at any optional extras such as dehumidification capabilities or adjustable fan speeds.

Top Brands And Models Of Air Water Heat Pumps On The Market

There are many excellent air water heat pumps currently on offer from various manufacturers across the globe. Below are just some examples of popular brands and models which may suit your specific needs:

  • Daikin Altherma HYBRID Split System

A great choice if you’re looking for something compact but powerful with its 3-4 kW (8-13kBTU) cooling capacity;

  • Mitsubishi Electric E Series

This innovative system offers intelligent climate control through integrated sensors;

  • Fujitsu ASTG24KMCA

Boasting 5kW (17kBTU) cooling capacity plus whisper quiet operation;

  • Gree GHV7S

Another great option if you require something highly efficient yet compact;

  • Carrier Infinity 21 SEER

Offering superior performance alongside maximum comfort levels all year round;

  • Panasonic Aquarea T-CAP 7i

Enjoy optimal temperature control thanks to its advanced inverter technology and 7kW (23kBTU) cooling power output;

  • Samsung WindFree™ AR9500T

A reliable choice offering gentle yet powerful airflow without any buffeting feeling.

Installation Considerations

When installing an air water heat pump system in your home or business premises, always ensure that it has been correctly sized according to your requirements—too small and it won’t produce enough power output; too large and it will run inefficiently resulting in higher utility bills over time. It would help if you also had it installed by a qualified professional who knows how to properly set up such systems for optimal efficiency levels throughout its lifespan.


An air water heat pump can be invaluable to any household seeking reliable heating/cooling solutions without breaking the bank every month in costly electricity bills. With this guide, you now know what features you need when selecting one plus some examples of top brands available on today’s market—all that remains now is finding that perfect system specifically tailored towards meeting your unique needs!