The Crucial Factors Behind Dumpster Rental Rates

There are many instances where one may need a dumpster rental. Some of them are – spring cleaning, garage cleaning, moving to a different city/state, to make room for additional members in the family, and so on. To know if you are paying a fair price for the rental, you should consider dumpster rentals fix their prices.

Fixing the price of dumpster rentals – the various factors

Different companies consider different factors while setting the price for a rental. For instance, Charlotte 10-yard dumpster may consider the debris’s location and weight, while so other company may give importance to additional factors like the duration of the rental. Here are some common factors that top dumpster rentals consider while calculating the rental price for a client.

  • The geographical location

The rental company should consider the fuel spent travelling to the pickup location. Also, debris boxes have different prices in different cities. Next, the company has to follow the sorting and recycling norms specific to the client’s location. Due to all of these reasons, the client’s pickup location plays a significant role in deciding the rental price.

  • The duration of the rental

Every company has a specific default period for which the client can rent the dumpster. The duration usually ranges from 8 to 10 days. But if the client wants it for an extended period, they may do so by paying additional fees.

  • The weight of the debris

The amount of debris that one wants to clear off directly affects the rental price. Landfills charge dumpsters based on the amount of material. Naturally, the more the amount, the higher is the cost. Also, when there is more debris, a bigger-sized container would be required, thereby adding to the rental price.

  • The type of debris

Dumpsters usually take the responsibility of disposing of non-hazardous waste. The disposal cost is calculated based on the kind of materials in the debris. Landfills and waste processing units charge different prices for different materials like household items, heavy waste, and construction materials.

When one calls the dumpster rental to get a quote, the rental may enquire the details given above – the type of debris, the size, the duration of the rental, and so on. So, it is advised to be ready with the details.

What may increase the rental price?

Sometimes, the client may end up paying more than what they had initially calculated. It happens due to a variety of reasons – mostly related to not following the norms. Here are a few possible reasons why a client may be charged more than the initial quote that the dumpster rental provided.

  • The duration

People who want the dumpster for longer than the company’s standard period will have to pay more. It is usually calculated as the cumulative sum of a fixed price for every additional day.

  • Prohibited materials

Most of the dumpster rentals, including Charlotte 10 yard dumpster impose penalties for including prohibited materials in the debris. These include chemical waste, e-waste, explosives, and any other potentially hazardous waste.

  • Additional street permit

If the dumpster has to be parked on the street such that it obstructs the public movement, the rental will charge extra fees.

  • Missing pickups

Missing the delivery or pickup would result in extra fees. It is the client’s responsibility to make sure that the driver can complete the trips without any obstacles. Of course, certain factors are beyond our control. But the client can focus on the factors in their control.

  • Not sticking to the weight limit.

Every container can hold only a fixed amount of debris. If a customer books a dumpster of a certain size and ends up having more debris than it can hold, the company will apply excess weight penalty to the final bill.

Wrapping up

Apart from the factors mentioned above, the average cost of living of the client’s location also impacts the rental price. To get the best prices, it is recommended to hire a local rental. A local company will be closer to the client’s location and will know the processing and disposal regulations in and out. Local companies offer their services at affordable prices and are known to provide more personalized customer service. So, while choosing a dumpster rental, go local!