Top 5 Minecraft Adventure Maps

The best thing about Minecraft is the ability to build your map, where you can explore other people’s creations while enjoying the best adventure maps, you can click here to check out the best server hosting for Minecraft as well. There so many of them out there hence very difficult to wade on all of them finding the gems. For newbies in adventure maps, Minecraft, or simply those making sure that they did miss any of the adventure maps hence check on these below.

Do you know why this Minecraft become that popular? The 1st version of the Sky Block comes with limited map size, and it created a survival difficulty. The follow-up version added two more sky blocks to the maps starting the player on a small island floating there in the middle of nowhere. You are surrounded by ice blocks and lava. The challenge map has so many items to find as you explore it. To master, this map one has to figure out

You are required to make all those with just nine pieces of dirt

Aramis is also known as Imperial Lands, and it’s very massive. This RPG survival map is not directly featured in any particular fantasy world. There is an influence of the A-list titles like the

The journey follows an open-world style like those designed by Bethesda Studios. It offers about 40 hours of gameplay. The adventure map provides a functional economy with a monetary system as well as jobs to earn cash. You don’t have to miss the hidden roller coaster railway that offers an astoundingly long 2 minutes ride.

The forgotten temple was the first adventure map to appear in Minecraft. It has been popular since then and one of my favorite. To play its much of the graphical version from classic text-based adventure map such as Zoek. It drops the player in the middle of a dungeon and has very few things to tell where the items are. The map offers less help to the player in solving the

The map has just 20 minutes or so of gameplay.

This is one of the new adventure maps that are found in the Voxel Box serves. The worst thing about this adventure map is the terrific graphic look; although the map has a high-resolution texture pack hence needs a machine with a little muscle to load. The map is packed to the brim with tiny details for you to discover as well as plenty of things to do. These include hurtling into space on a meteorite and epic explosions. There are 50 easter eggs to find where you will spend untold time on the map. For sure this map is not that plenty of it one of the hardest maps.

This is the best among the above Minecraft portal games. The map puts the player in a position to keep trying to escape the monomaniacal scientist who places you in the middle of a maze. The way out of the maze is to solve several series of puzzles. The best thing while playing is that you are provided with a set of clues too that help you solve the puzzles. The clues are cleverly written hence the not so obvious solution. The maze challenges are made up of

Completing the puzzles will not only advance you through the map but also provides rewards, in addition to the gold ingots scattered throughout. These are the top adventure maps Minecraft of the time.