Treating Spider Vein Problem With Modern Technology

Spider veins are considered to be small swollen veins basically developed on skin’s surface. These affected veins could appear red, blue or reddish or in some other colours. These are mainly seen on feet and legs. If you are suffering from these veins issues, then you should not worry as there are various modern treatments to go for. To know more you can see it here.

Preventing spider veins

These days there are most advanced technology that is used to treat spider vein problems in the best way possible. But there are also some home remedies that you can try to follow. These remedies and solutions diminish the severity of the issue to some extent. For example, doing exercises regularly, not standing or sitting for long, avoiding high heels, having a healthy diet etc. 

Modern technological treatments

Apart from the above described home remedies and treatments, various modern advanced medical and technological treatments also available. Few of such technological modern solutions are given below for your convenience.

  • EVLA (Endovenous Laser Ablation)

This laser vein treatment basically involves making a tiny skin puncture being made with laser probe. These laser fibres generally get passed up vein under the ultrasound guidance. Anaesthesia is used in this process to lessen the pain and discomfort. The said laser fibre is known to be activated and then withdrawn slowly without destroying affected vein. In treating larger veins, EVLA is considered as more suitable. 

  • AP (Ambulatory Phlebectomy)

This is an effective surgical procedure which is performed under the local anaesthetic. A small skin incision is made for removing some section of vein. For hundreds of years, this method has been there actively used. All types and sizes of veins can be treated using this method.

  • Medical adhesives

There are several medical adhesives that can perfectly be used for treating spider vein issues. This is one of the best non-surgical treatments for vein problems out there. These products are nothing but medical grade superglues that have high effectiveness and benefits to say the least. Using this product, the affected veins are supposed to immediately solidify and then product some inflammatory reaction that end up destroying vein wall. 

  • UGS (Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy)

This is really regarded quite a useful and effective treatment procedure which has been there in use for so many years. In this procedure, some kind of medicine is known to be injected into vein using the guidance of ultrasound. Fibrovein and polidocanol are considered to be 2 of the medicines that are used in this treatment. You can really choose go for this treatment if you want. 

  • Microsclerotherapy

This treatment procedure is used for treating very tiny veins which generally involves injecting some sclerosant into veins. Fine needles are known to be used for the job. It may take a few weeks to show the improvements and positive results. It is recommended to have multiple sessions of this treatment to completely get rid of the spider vein problem. You can also see it here and explore more information as per your need. Doing research on the internet will get you essential information about this treatment which will be extremely beneficial for you to say the least.