What Are The Various Modes Of Removing Unwanted Hairs?

In past years only women used to remove the unwanted hairs, but as time passed, men also started removing the hairs as the long hairs were quite annoying. Moreover, especially in the summer season, a person can’t bear the long hairs on different parts of their body.

In today’s scenario, there is not only a single option that has been developed for the removal of the hairs, but there are a variety of options available and out of which people can select the one that they think is convenient for them. Let’s discuss some of the options in detail as to how to prevent ingrown hairs:


Different varieties of creams are available in the market to remove hairs from specific parts of the body.  The best-used cream by men is veet; they are further available in two varieties, one for the normal skin and the other for the sensitive one. This is the easiest and painless method of removing the body hair and even the skin remains smoother for a more extended period of time.

 This mode is removing the hairs is quite convenient for the users as they can just apply the cream on the hairs on any part of the body like legs, arms, chest, and private areas sitting at their comfort place only. These creams will dissolve the hairs from the root resulting in the removal of the hairs.


 Shaving is the oldest technique that men use for removing hairs from different parts of the body. To do the shaving, there are certain equipments that must be purchased by a person either a traditional razor or an electronic razor. The limitation of this type of removing the hair is that there are always chances of getting the cut on different parts of the body as the razors are sharp in nature. It is advisable for the people of the young age group to avoid doing shaving as they can get harmed.


Waxing is another brilliant option that the people use for removing the hair on the different body parts. This is a procedure that can be a bit painful for the person, but its effect remains for a more extended period of time as it removes the hair from the roots. The person has the option to either get the skin waxed from the parlor or right at their home place only by buying a waxing kit.


 Advancement in technology has given one more option to people in order to remove the long hairs from the different body parts. This method is called the laser. Laser is one of the permanent body hair removal techniques that both men and women use.

 In this method, a laser beam is used that destroys the follicle that are present in the skin that are responsible for the growth of the hairs; as the beam of light is thrown on the skin, it generates heat as a result of which these follicles cell destroyed because of which the hair growth gets stopped for the lifetime. Though this is a technique that is permanent in nature. Still, in some circumstances, hair growth arises after a very long period of time; it ultimately depends on the type of hair and density of the air that a person has. 

 The above mentioned are various techniques that are available as an option as how to prevent ingrown hairs on different body parts. A person can select any one of the options. As for the convenience and circumstances, the cost of every mode is different.