What Is An Ideal Length Of A Bodybuilding Workout Routine

Have you ever asked yourself how long your bodybuilding workout should be? Some people say that while you spend more time in the gym, the better your muscle gains will be. Although their argument may sound logical, truth often defies logic.

Here’s a key

Remember, if you want to maximize your muscle gains, you need to do short and intense workouts. Just Spending additional time in the gym will not necessarily provide you with any additional benefits. In fact, this could reduce your muscular gains.

Surprised? Ok, Here’s the reason why:

The body liberates a hormone called cortisol after 45 minutes of any form of arduous exercise. This hormone dislocates muscle tissues in order to provide additional energy to the body. So, caused by this effect, instead of making your muscles bigger and stronger, you could end up losing them by training at a stretch.

So, What is the ideal time spent performing a bodybuilding workout? should be 60 minutes.

But let’s be clear. When I say that your bodybuilding workout routine should be for 60 minutes, I mean that you need to spend this time doing muscle-building sets; the warm-up and cool-down phases are not included.

But what if your bodybuilding workout routine lasts longer than 60 minutes? You will then cut into your important recovery time. Let’s remember that the muscle tissues need to repair and rebuild, so this is why recovery time is critical.

This said, always remember one important rule: If you want to build massive muscles, you must keep your workouts within this time frame, so make them short and intense. This time frame of 60 minutes will be also optimal from a mental perspective when performing a bodybuilding workout routine.

Mentally preparing for a short but intense workout is much easier than doing so for one that drags on for hours.

And also remember this: In practice, there is a stronger tendency to take maximum advantage of every set that you perform when you are aware that your workout will last only for a limited amount of time. As a result, You will be concentrating on performing each set with intensity and proper form. But on the other hand, a too-long bodybuilding workout routine will take a huge mental toll.

Another important tip to remember: Your intensity and focus will begin to diminish after about 30 minutes of intense training. Therefore, your time is spent with less efficiency during a long session.

Another authority reason not to spend more than 60 minutes on your bodybuilding workout routine: you will highly increase your chances of injury, which can put a major roadblock in your bodybuilding progress.

While the length of your bodybuilding workout routine is important to your success, this is only one of the many factors that you need to consider to optimize your bodybuilding workout routine.

This means that it will be important for your success to Spend time to understand additional factors, such as:

1- Choosing the right types of exercises is the anchor point for any workout session.

2- Proper nutrition, and

3- The importance of increasing in a progressive process your workout intensity.

And lastly, remember that in bodybuilding, education is as critical as dedication.

Stay looking frequently as we will be adding new important articles for your bodybuilding and fitness workout progress.