What Kind Of B&W Printers Is Proper For You This Year?

Although documents, presentations, and other visual files are gradually migrating to the cloud where they can be explored from a PC or mobile terminal, the black and white laser printer is still very popular. How to choose it and what the terms used to describe it mean. As you follow the wirecutter reviews, you can have the practical solutions for the same.

When is it worth buying a black and white laser printer rather than an inkjet?

Today the price of a black and white laser printer is accessible to everyone. How to choose a beautiful black and white laser printer? From simple single-function gadgets to all-purpose multifunctional, laser printers have gradually relegated inkjet printers to oblivion.

It must be said that today a black and white laser printer produces between 15 and 30 pages per minute compared to 10 pages per minute of an inkjet printer. Toner ink is up to 5 times cheaper than cartridges. There is no risk of ink drying after a long period of inactivity, and there is no ink-eater maintenance to clean the heads or uncork the nozzles.

A black and white laser printer produces no unwanted noise when printing

In general, you have to prefer a laser printer if you mainly print black and white documents because this is where it works best. The inkjet printer is intended for specific uses, such as when the paper has an unusual size, such as greeting cards or 10 x 15 cm photos.

Even in the case of special papers such as glossy for color photo printing, inkjets are better than lasers. Black and white laser printers cost as much as mid-range inkjet models. A laser toner can print thousands of black and white pages and consumes 1 to 4 cents per page.

There is also no comparison with the maintenance prices of inkjet printers. It is true that cartridges now cost very little, but it is equally clear that they last a tenth of the time compared to toners.

Today, maintaining a black and white laser printer is cheap

Among other things, today, there are also compatible or remanufactured toners which, for a black and white laser printer, are perfectly fine. A remanufactured black toner costs much less than a new one. It is also environmentally friendly because it does not produce toxic waste by using a waste toner container refilled with ink powder.

It can be said that, by buying unsigned consumables, a black and white laser printer costs much less maintenance than an inkjet printer that prints only in black.

To make the right purchase, you need to read the technical specifications of all items. Often manufacturers use incomprehensible acronyms, and below, we will make a small explanation of the most used to better understand the interesting features when choosing a black and white laser printer. All of this information you can have with the wirecutter reviews now.

Selection criteria for home and office

The criteria for choosing a black and white laser printer are subjective. Everyone has different needs, so they only need to focus on what they really need. It is useless to spend a lot of money on a high-speed device when it will only be needed at home for a few prints a month.

However, some questions are familiar to everyone, such as the question of choosing a multifunction black and white laser printer or not. The difference in price is not excessive, and it can be convenient to make photocopies or scan documents into your computer.

Last Words

If these functions do not interest you, it is useless for you to look for an all-in-one but rather focus on better resolution. The resolution serves professionally to print very crisp pages, but if you simply need to read drafts, this can be neglected. So choose wisely.