Why Some Diets Work And Why Most Dont

Many diets are only a temporary fix that are doomed to fail in the long run. The trick isn’t to find some miracle way to lose weight instantly; it’s to find a diet that will allow you to keep the weight off in the long run. Too often people get sucked into “miracle diets”. A diet based on immediate results is often very unhealthy and dangerous. Weight you lose by starving yourself can be gained back very quickly, as opposed to weight that was lost in a slow, healthy way.

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Some diets will tell you that you can survive only on grapefruit, celery, or vitamin shakes. They’ll promise you instant results, and we often fall for it. The reason we believe the hype is because the math does add up if you’re looking at short term results. If your exercise routine burns more weight than what you can gain from grapefruit and celery, then you’ll lose weight, right? It’s true that you may see quick (and dangerous) results. But you can’t follow this kind of diet for long, without losing energy and feeling terrible. When you drop this diet, the weight will pile back on quickly.

Why? Because the human body knows when it’s being starved to death, and will take precautions against it. If day after day the body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs and is being forced to burn fat, then the body will go into high alert and make precautions to prevent starvation. The body will start parceling stored fat out very carefully, and will be reluctant to give out very much at a time. The body will also be extremely eager to put use to any fat it can get its hands on.

As far as your body knows; you’re starving to death. From there, the body will hit the off switch on your metabolism to keep from dying. This causes you to gain all the weight back that you had lost.

Extreme diets are essentially attempts at trying to cut corners at great cost to yourself, and it catches up to you quickly in some form or another. A quick fix and cutting corners doesn’t work for most aspects of life, why would it work for dieting?

Another problem with unbalanced fad diets is once you get off them what’s the first thing you want to do? Catch up on all that good food you’ve been missing! So you binge eat. This type of yo-yo dieting plays havoc with your body.

You need to lose weight at a safe pace and in a way that your body is still getting all the nutrients it needs. To keep the weight off it requires changing your long-term eating habits. Find a healthy way of eating that you can stick with instead of riding the diet roller coaster.