My New Fat Loss Diet

Hi there and welcome to my new fat loss diet blog page. My name is James and I decided to start this fat loss blog to share with other people how I lost a bunch of weight with a bodybuilding diet method using only PhenQ that was surprisingly effective and did not require any crazy dieting, strange pills, bad tasting powders, and not that much hunger to tell you the truth.

It all started back in 2002 actually when I realized as a young 23-year old that I was pretty chubby. I always thought I was big and burly, being pretty good at sports like most young men. But, the goal of putting on some weight to participate in the sports had also put on a significant amount of body fat. So at 205 lbs. and 20% body fat, I was anything but athletic.

Fast forward a few years to 2006. After getting a nice job and “settling in” I continued to play sports, lift weights, etc. However, the demands of my job had me eating whatever I felt like, having dinner and drinks with clients (I’m in sales), and just living a comfortable life. The end result, at 27 years old, 228 lbs. at 30% body fat.

I was borderline obese

I took a picture of myself one day with my cell phone camera and I was terrified at what I had become. I literally stared at it for 20 minutes, with all kinds of self-defeating thoughts going through my head. How did this athletic kid, turn into such a fat slob, I thought to myself. Worse yet, where did all the time go? Almost 10 years had passed since my most athletic times and I was still nowhere near it.

After about a week of barely eating, barely sleeping, and just feeling terrible, I finally decided to do something about it. I actually got pretty mad at myself and posted my disgusting photo all over my house so I would remind myself of what I had become. I decided that this life wasn’t good enough for me anymore, I wanted more, I wanted to feel proud of my body and cherish it as it should be.

After a short visit to the doctor to get checked up, he too agreed that I needed to get my cholesterol levels in order and lose 45 or more pounds of body fat. 45+ pounds I thought? It was quite a challenge for me, a challenge I loved. I also hired a trainer to help me evaluate my bodybuilding diet plan and workouts.

I hope my story and my posts will help others to take some action and change their body. Not only take action but stay in action for life. My decision to change wasn’t to only lose some weight. It was to completely change my lifestyle, lose weight, get healthier, and inspire others to do the same!!